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I've gathered some information that you may find both helpful and fun. 

Find the category you'd like to explore and enjoy.

Covid-19 Information

CDC Covid-19

    Main Page

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Richland County

    Covid-19 Page

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Lexington County

     Covid-19 Page

Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System
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Ways to Boost Your

Body'sNatural Defenses

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5 Qi Gong Exercises to

Strengthen Your Lungs


5 Spices To Boost

Your Immune System

Some of My Favorite Apps

Sounds True:  Has some free meditations and music as well as in-app purchase.

Insight Timer:  This is a free App that has lots of meditations and music.  It has some really great          

                           meditations for kids.  It also has a breathing reminder for the Android Phones.

Yoga Studio:  A really nice app for yoga of all levels.  You can even create your own routines.

Lotus Bud:  For the iPhone only (sorry Android-ers).  This app plays a soft gong to remind you to take

                   a few breathes and relax your body through out they day.  You can set it to turn off at night.

Calm:  Another good App with meditation, relaxing music and nature sounds.

Sleep Pillow:  This is a sound machine for the phone.  Really lovely for background white noise.

FlightRadar24:  You can identify the airplanes and helicopters in the area (and everywhere).  Kind of

                           fun to see where they're going.

SkyView: With this app you hold your phone up to the sky to identify what's twinkling overhead.  It

                 includes satellites and the space station.

Some Fun Things to Do
While You're Stuck Inside

Lexington Hospital has a great way

to be creative and give back.  They'd love to have you make cards for their patients.  Visitors are restricted right now so, people get lonely.  Some homemade card just might cheer them up.


How about growing you own food from the discarded parts of veggies?  It's really easy and might come in handy if the stores run short.


Here's a website that will connect you to sites with coloring pages from museums all over the world.


Want to learn some needle-crafts?  Richland Library has some free classes.  Crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery and more.

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If you don't already know about Cola Today, you'll be glad you know now.  Once you sign up, (free) you get daily emails of all the goings on around town.  They've been really good with the local Covid-19 updates as well.


If you feel like cooking with your free time (those of you who do).  This is my favorite Paleo website.  All the recipes that I've tried so far have turned out really well.  This link is for some yummy veggie dishes.  You can get to the rest of the website from here as well.  :)


So, while staying home is pretty fun (or is that just me?), there's a lot going on right now to create some stress.

This link will take you to 6 Science backed activities to help you relax.

Can't go wrong if they're backed by science, right?


To me there's nothing like relaxing in a comfy chair and reading a good book next to a cracklin' fire.  It's getting a little warm for that.  So, how about a nice, cool virtual fireplace?

Soothing and Calming

Steve Nobel has a lot of good meditations on his YouTube channel.  He works with Angels in his meditations.


Andrew Johnson is a Scottish Hypnotherapist and has some free downloads to reduce stress and anxiety on his website.  (he's got a great voice)


This is a 5 minute meditation.  You can listen to on your phone, even when you're hiding in the bathroom.

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Power Thoughts Club is a YouTube Channel with lots of lovely relaxing music, good for meditating, yoga or reading.


Why Mindfulness is a Superpower

Animated video


A 10 minute meditation for Anxiety.

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A really nice animated video on how to Defeat Negative Thinking

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The Meditative Mind is another favorite YouTube channel with relaxing music, good for meditating, yoga or reading.


10 Essential Oils for Instant Calm

Just For Laughs

I love, love, love this dog Pluto!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find him on Facebook, but, below are some links to his videos

Just click on the hearts

This is a video of Grandma Sandy doing her own Mentos experiment with Morgan Freeman narrating.  Seeing is believing.

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Be Well.  We Really Are All in This Together.
A Few Last Thoughts